Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stories from the frontlines: Letter Carriers who serve Contra Costa and Solano Counties

Neil's Story
There are thousands of letter carriers who make the Stamp Out Hunger food drive a success by donating their time and energy. One such Carrier, Neil Zarchin, has been involved at the coordinator level of the food drive for about 14 years. Neil says “I can see no reason for anyone to go without food in this world, much less in the wealthy nation. There is no point in looking for blame or responsibility, especially when children are involved. The bottom line is there is enough to go around, its a matter of distribution.”

Neil learned the hard way that even working people live close to the edge, and all it takes is one simple mistake to have children missing a meal or two - unless there is someone willing to lend a hand. “One time, about 15 or so years ago, I was a single parent. I was working at the Post Office, so we were getting by, although there wasn't much to spare,” says Neil. “One day, I forgot to sign my paycheck when I deposited it at the ATM. The clerk who opened the machine the next day found the error and mailed the check back to me. Unfortunately, I had just moved, so it was going to take a week for it to work its way through the system. In the meantime, I had no money.”


Jeovani's Story
Jeovani R. Abenoja is the Lafayette Post Office's Safety Captain and Customer Connect NALC coordinator and even though he tired to come up with any excuse not to get even more involved, he decided to take over this years Food Drive to see what difference he could make.

“I love to help people, and face challenges that I know I can personally help make a difference in,” says Jeovani. “The United States doesn't discriminate when it comes to hunger. Even some families that lived in upper scale neighborhoods, drove Mercedes Benz's, and even donated thousands of dollars a year to charities, have been seen at their local food bank seeking assistance during this economical crisis. That in itself was and should be enough to motivate anyone to take charge and do their fair share.” That's why he decided to be this years Lafayette Post Office Food Drive Coordinator.”

Jeovani asks, "are you doing your fair share?”

Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano
Lisa Sherrill: (925) 676-7543 ext. 206 lsherrill@foodbankccs.org

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