Monday, September 21, 2009

CBS 5 Reporter Sue Kwon takes the Hunger Challenge to live on $4 a day

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) ― More than 35 million Americans are now receiving food stamps, but can people really afford to live on such a small allowance? It's called the food stamp diet. Politicians have tried it. College kids have given it a shot. Sympathetic Americans wanting to understand what it's like have tried living on a food stamp budget of just $4 a-day. That's the average amount a Californian on food stamps has to spend on a day's meals.

The San Francisco Food Bank's 2009 Hunger Challenge is this week - September 20-26. CBS 5 ConsumerWatch reporter Sue Kwon takes on the challenge and will file reports everyday this week documenting her experiment that we hope will put a spotlight on hunger.

If you're taking on the Hunger Challenge we would like to hear about it. If you are on foodstamps and have budget stretching ideas or want to share your thoughts, please share them with CBS 5.